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How It Has Helped Others

Nick, 67, on using the Space for Resilience Programme

Since my wife died a few years ago I’ve really started to rely on my network of friends for support. I didn’t realise how much I needed them until I had to start isolating myself. I know this situation will end, so my main goal for the resilience program was to maintain my optimism during this trying time, and use it as an opportunity to learn how to cope better with my problems.

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Ayaz, 24, on using the Space for Sleep Program

I was already struggling with my sleep and feeling low in energy, but the recent changes to my routine have made things so much worse. It wasn’t until I had been filling out the sleep diary for a few weeks that I realised how little I was actually sleeping. The program showed me how making small changes could have a big impact on the quality of my sleep.

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Jo, 59, on using the Space from Stress Program

Working as a nurse is always tiring and stressful, but the last few weeks have been something else! Trying to balance family and work life has taken its toll and I’m exhausted. A colleague mentioned SilverCloud, but I didn’t think I’d have time for it. When I started using it though I realised there were lots of things I could do to get on top of everything, and I was able to take control again.

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Is it for you?

1 in 4
people in the world will be affected by a mental health condition
Source: World Health Organisation

of SilverCloud users show significant improvement.
Source: the Berkshire Clinical Trials, NHS

2 in 3
people with a known mental health condition will never seek help.
Source: World Health Organisation

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